Arthur Nordegren  Cameron, the newborn son of Elin Nordegren and Jordan Cameron

Arthur Nordegren Cameron, the newborn son of Elin Nordegren and Jordan Cameron

Arthur Nordegren Cameron is creating a ruckus as the newborn offspring of Elin Nordegren and previous NFL star Jordan Cameron. In spite of the fact that it is Elin’s most memorable youngster with her accomplice Jordan, Arthur comes third on the rundown of her child. She previously had two youngsters with unbelievable American expert golfer Tiger Woods.

Arthur Nordegren Cameron, on the other hand, is a former professional American football tight end who played at USC. In the next parts, we’ll go over Arthur, the star youngster.

Who is Arthur Nordegren Cameron?

Nordegren, Arthur Cameron is gaining popularity as the newborn child of Elin Nordegren and Jordan Cameron. Elin is a former Swedish model and nanny who is also Tiger Woods’ ex-wife.

Jordan, on the other hand, is a professional former American football tight end who played at USC. Let’s go through Arthur, the star youngster, in further detail in the next sections.

What is  Net Worth of Arthur Nordegren Cameron ?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, his mother, Elin Nordegren, has a net worth of $200 million. She took Tiger’s 20% net worth, or $100 million, as divorce alimony during their divorce in 2010. Nordegren purchased a $12 million home in North Palm Beach in 2011 after her divorce from Tiger. However, in 2020, she sold the condo to Russ Weiner, the founder of Rockstar energy drink, for $28 million. She purchased a new $9.9 million property in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, in September 2020. It has a total area of 13,523 square feet, nine bathrooms, and six bedrooms. It was put on the market for $12,495,000 on September 12th. Cameron Jordan has a net worth of almost $7 million as of 2021.

 Elin and Jordan have been together

Nordegren, 41, is happily dating Cameron, 32, who is nine years her junior. For almost a year, they’ve been enjoying their lovey-dovey romance. Around the year 2019, the girlfriend and boyfriend started dating. They met through mutual connections in Florida. Arthur was born to the couple after only a year of dating.

Has Three Half Siblings  

Arthur Nordegren Cameron, 1, is the only child of Elin and Jordan Nordegren Cameron. He does, however, have three older siblings from his parents’ previous marriage. With his golfing superstar ex-husband, Tiger Woods, his mother, Elin Maria Pernilla, has two children, Sam Alexis Woods (b. June 18, 2007) and Charlie Axel Woods (b. February 8, 2009). They met for the first time in 2001 at the Open Championship, where they were introduced by Swedish golfer Jasper Parnevik.

The ex-lovers got engaged in November 2003 and married on October 5, 2004, at Barbados’ Sandy Lane golf resort. They did, however, file for divorce in 2010, and the divorce was finalized on August 23, 2010. After he was accused of cheating on 120 different women in 2009, they split up. His father, a former NFL tight end for the Cleveland Browns and Miami Dolphins, has an 11-year-old kid from a previous relationship. Tristan’s true mother, however, is still unknown.


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