Emanuela Pecchia: Everything We Know On Paolo Macchiarini Wife

Emanuela Pecchia: Everything We Know On Paolo Macchiarini Wife

Emanuela Pecchia is famously known as the wife of popular Swiss-born Italian thoracic surgeon, Paolo Macchiarini. Talking about her spouse Paolo, he became infamous for research fraud and manipulative behavior.

Not just that, Paolo was also entangled in several other controversies. He was living a dual life; one in the United States and the other in Italy.

Further, Emanuela’s husband Paolo also had an affair with an NBC News producer, Benita Alexander. The life of Paolo seems quite spicy, but, today, let’s dig more about Paolo’s wife Emanuela Pecchia.

Who is Emanuela Pecchia?

Emanuela Pecchia is popular because she is the wife of Paolo Macchiarini. She got people’s attention because of her husband.

Emmanuela is an Italian by nationality. We do not know his exact age. From her looks, we can guess that she would be in her early or mid-50s. She was born in Italy. His height is 5 feet 8 inches. His eye color is black and his hair color is also black.

Her Family and Education

Not much information is available about Emanuela Pecchia’s early life, relatives, or family. She only hit the headlines because of her husband and her controversies. There is also no information about his parents, siblings, where they are, or what they do.

Coming to her education, she is an educated lady. He received his education in Italy. She was a good student and scored good marks in her high school. For her graduation, she did a bachelor’s program at American State University.

Emanuela Pecchia Husband

Emanuela Pecchia’s husband, Paolo Macchiarini, is a famous scientist and famous Italian surgeon. But, he became more famous not because of his profession or work but because of his controversies. He became more popular due to his cunning personality and fraud in his research work.

Paolo is a renowned Swiss-born Italian breast surgeon. People know him as someone who fools people and endangers people’s lives through his unethical research work.

He was a famous scientist and known for his services in the field of medical research. But in 2010, he was accused of conducting unethical experiments on healthy patients and thereby endangering their lives.

They were testing artificial trachea transplants on eight patients. As a result of this experiment, seven patients died and only one survived. His colleagues also accused him of making false claims in research work in 2012.

There are many allegations against him. Paolo was arrested in 2012, and has since been acquitted of any charges against him. In 2015, legal action was taken against him again. He was again in custody. After several years of legal proceedings, he was released again. Many of his research papers have been retracted and few charges against him remain. He is no longer allowed to do research and has been fired from projects he was involved in.

Emanuela Pecchia – Relationship with Her Husband

She was born and raised in Italy and met and married Paolo in Italy. By this time Paolo was not famous. Paolo went to America for his work and research, but Emanuela stayed in Italy.

After marriage, Paulo became famous in America for his services and research work. Until then, there was no controversy in which he was a part. Emmanuela always stayed in Italy to take care of her children. The couple has two children, and not much information is available about their children or education. Emmanuela made sure that the children stayed away from the media and limelight.

The couple has been married for 30 years now. They shared a pleasant relationship. But according to reports, Paulo cheated on his Emanuela Pecchia. According to sources, Paolo had an extramarital affair in 2015 with Benita Alexandra, who worked at NBC. He even got engaged to Benita. Emmanuela knew nothing about the matter.

Benita also did not know about Paulo’s marriage. After discovering her marriage, he broke off the engagement and annulled the wedding. According to sources, when Emmanuella came to know about the affair, the couple started fighting and soon the news of the couple’s divorce also came out.

But so far nothing like that has happened. There is no divorce between the couple yet. We don’t know if they live together or are in contact with each other. Emmanuelle usually tries to stay away from any kind of controversy or media. She also makes sure that her children are not involved in any way. That’s why we don’t know much about his personal life and family or children.


It was all about Emanuela Pecchia and her husband. She still lives in Italy and takes care of her children there. No more information about it is available on the internet. Everything we know about it is contained in this article.

I hope this article helped you learn more about it. You can also check Veronica Praso’s biography and Faria Abdullah’s biography.

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