What is the Teaching Strategies GOLD’s main objective?

What is the Teaching Strategies GOLD’s main objective?

Teaching Strategies GOLD’s 38 core objectives direct instructors through the assessment cycle, assisting them in tying observable behavior to critical early learning requirements and anticipating likely next steps in every area of development and learning. The objectives cover eleven learning and development domains, such as general learning areas, subject areas, and English language proficiency. The majority of the objectives also have dimensions that help teachers better understand different facets of a particular aim and the behavior it addresses.

How does TS GOLD work?

Teachers can arrange the information they gather by concentrating their observations on children with the use of simple-to-use tools provided by Teaching Strategies GOLD. The evaluation process can be streamlined by using our brand-new Documentation app, which also makes it quick, flexible, and easy to record and send documentation to tsgold log in. Teachers can streamline their documentation by using optional resources like Assessment Opportunity CardsTM and the On-the-Spot Observation Recording Tool. The vast capacity provided by electronic portfolios enables teachers to upload, arrange, and securely retain images, videos, and samples of student work.

Final Thoughts:

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