Open Work Permit Canada: What You Need To Know?

Open Work Permit Canada: What You Need To Know?

Foreign nationals with open work permits in Canada can work for any employer there. They do not need a particular employment offer. This implies that, in contrast to other licences, you can pick your work and location inside Canada.

A Canadian employer is not necessary for an open work visa, unlike closed or employer-specific ones. Instead, it can be granted on several grounds, including humanitarian ones, spousal sponsorship, employment after graduation, and international agreements.

An open work permit usually lasts a year, although it may be extended. You may learn about various sectors and businesses while gaining essential Canadian job experience.

It should be noted that not everyone can apply for an open work visa. Applicants must first meet specific criteria. If you satisfy the requirements and want greater freedom regarding where you want to reside and what profession you want to pursue in Canada, an open work visa may be ideal for you.

Who is Eligible for an Open Work Permit?

A fantastic way foreign nationals can work in Canada without being committed to one company is through an open work permit. The eligibility criteria include the following:

  • International students, skilled professionals’ spouses, or common-law partners may qualify for an open work permit in Canada. They can work anywhere in Canada and any job.
  • While their application is being processed, those who have filed for permanent residence via the Federal Skilled Worker Programme, Canadian Experience Class, Provincial Nominee Programme, or Federal Skilled Trades Programme also qualify for an open work visa.
  • Under certain conditions, some temporary residents and refugees can be eligible for an open work permit.

It’s crucial to remember that qualifying standards might change based on the particulars of each case. Before applying, it is necessary to discuss with a qualified advocate or immigration attorney.

Open Work Permit Types

You can apply for different open work permit types in Canada. First, with an open work visa, you can work for any Canadian employer except those marked as unsuitable by the government.

The employer-specific open work visa is an additional category that lets you work for only one particular employer who has previously given you an employment offer. This kind of visa is typically given when there isn’t a Canadian worker available to fill the post, and it is simpler for firms to find foreign employees.

The bridging open work permit (BOWP) is another option. It is intended primarily for those switching between temporary resident statuses while waiting for their applications for permanent residency to be approved. These people can continue to work lawfully in Canada during this time, thanks to this permit.

It’s vital to remember that specific qualifying conditions and application processes exist for each type of open work visa. Before applying, thoroughly investigate and comprehend which kind of permit will best meet your needs.

Benefits of an Open Work Permit

A Canada Work Permit from India offers several advantages for foreign nationals seeking employment in this country. An open work permit gives freedom compared to other permits since it enables its bearer to work for any business in Canada without needing a job offer. It is especially advantageous for people who might need help finding work before coming to Canada.

Additionally, an open work permit offers opportunities for people to gain Canadian work experience, which is very beneficial when submitting an application for citizenship or permanent residency through the Express Entry system.

The ability for spouses or common-law partners of international students or skilled employees in Canada to work full-time while their partner is enrolled in school or employed is another benefit of having an open work permit. This implies that both partners have the chance to make a financial contribution and advance their professions jointly.

Additionally, individuals with this permit might qualify for certain government-funded initiatives like healthcare and education, which would significantly raise their standard of living while residing and working in Canada.

Having an open work permit can have a lot of advantages, such as enhanced job options, financial security, and access to other government services.

Foreigners who wish to work and reside in Canada might benefit from this permit as it gives them job freedom and access to new prospects.


You must know what type of permit you need and how to apply for it if you’re eligible. Apply with all required documentation.

If you have questions or need help, visit a licensed immigration consultant or lawyer who has expertise with these applications.

An open work permit in Canada does not ensure Canadian permanent residence. It can help you become a Canadian citizen by giving you experience and contacts. With proper planning and preparation, it can help you achieve your professional objectives in Canada.